Sunday, September 2, 2012

USWAG Newsletter



To inspire its readers to seek out the best in life and what Isabel has to offer.


The USWAG NEWSLETTER embodies the economy, nature and lifestyle of Isabel. This is intended to be a magazine featuring guides to and articles about activities in Isabel, Leyte. The mini-magazine will be distributed every month within the folds of Isabel periodical distribution areas. Sections of this magazine will be the following:

1.       What’s up?  - Featured Events and News Articles
2.       Home and Business Corner
3.        Industry
4.       Environment
5.       Lifestyle and Kids zone
6.       Health and Science

The USWAG NEWSLETTER will be funded by advertisements from local companies specific to the articles within the featured ads and by some sold subscriptions purchased by people that would prefer to have the magazine delivered to their home or offices.


The primary target audience is 18 to 40 year old single men and women. Specifically our audience members are the young at heart and influential types that can affect change in the environment simply by interacting with it on a regular basis. We also want to appeal to those in our target audience that own are socially and environmentally aware.

Our secondary audience is the majority who are interested in taking it easy and re-introducing themselves to their neighborhoods especially our business sectors who have helped promote growth in Isabel.

Thirdly, we want to appeal to all residents and neighboring towns that may be inactive now or limiting themselves to see opportunities behind closed doors because they are not eager to try new things.